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Learn to rest

Learn to rest, move slower and connect deeply

At Ellen Blackman Yoga, you are empowered to see the harmonious connection between your inner world and physical world, in a way that is right for your body and inspires feelings of contentment and hope. Led by Ellen Blackman, classes, events and retreats are accessible, small and intimate with personalised attention to illness and injury. This is yoga for you. That you can do. 


You will join an
inclusive, nurturing and non-competitive global yoga community where you are always invited to move gently and safely. The Ellen Blackman Yoga community believes that yoga is much more than a movement practice. Ellen uses ancient yoga traditions, philosophy, a deep knowledge of the breath and a trauma-informed approach to help you thrive with optimism and calm in the ever changing modern world.  You will leave the class with an ability to be more present in the moment with less worrying thoughts and with a sense of your limitless possibilities.


You will also gain an increased knowledge of how you move, where you hold your tension and how to release it. You will have the opportunity to indulge in a wide variety of yoga experiences including in-person classes with our beautiful community in South Melbourne, online or private yoga therapy classes, events and international retreats. 


Take a Closer Look

Classes and Events

All Ellen Blackman Yoga classes are accessible, small, intimate and personalised, allowing you to explore the harmonious connection between your inner world and physical world, in a way that is right for your body. Ellen uses a blend of ancient yoga traditions, trauma informed training, and current research on somatic movement and vagus nerve toning to empower you to gain more self awareness of your own body, breath and mind so you can self regulate your nervous system.  Ellen's love of poetry, music and years of experience teaching English as a second language enables her to guide you with precise detail, imagery and poeticism.  Experience how it feels to be truly connected to your whole self by immersing yourself  in a wide variety of yoga experiences including in-person classes with our welcoming community in South Melbourne, online or private classes, events, and international retreats.

Our Signature Classes

Gentle Embodied Yoga
Honour your mind and body, gently, and safely.

Our popular Embodied Gentle Yoga class invites you to slowly and safely explore the harmonious connection between your inner world and physical
world.  You will not only improve your physical strength and flexibility
but also gain profound insights  into your own anatomy, 
movement and breath. Each class will leave you able to embrace life more fully, with a renewed feeling of calm, hope and greater resilience. You are invited to gently honour your body, your range of movement and individual anatomy.  Ellen will empower you by creating a beautiful yoga experience that feels safe for your mind and body.

Restorative & Somatic Rest
A gentle, nurturing, and therapeutic approach to yoga.

In this busy modern world, our Restorative and Somatic Rest class
welcomes you to explore your mind, body and breath with greater awareness and at a sl
ower pace. With gentle, somatic movements, involving a deep listening to the inner cues of your body and long-held, supported postures, you can cultivate the skill of conscious relaxation. This calming effect empowers you to learn how to let go of unnecessary tension, how to truly relax and self regulate your nervous system and how to do less so that you can heal naturally, sleep more fully, and function with a renewed sense of calm and optimism.  You will learn the power of resting, moving slower and connecting deeply to build resilience, whether you are experiencing anxiety and stress,
illness, injury, fatigue or are simply ready to slow down. 


Class Schedule

Dec 11 - Dec 17














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With warmth and gratitude


Special Events and Retreats

Nourish your mind and body by indulging in the ultimate self-care experience.

Relax and rejuvenate with the beautiful Ellen Blackman Yoga community in the countryside of France.

There will be two 5 night retreats in 2024 and the dates are:


5th -10th June 2024

15th - 20th June 2024  ( SOLD OUT)

The retreat includes:

* Five nights luxury accommodation in the stunning town of Ambeyrac in southern France

Gentle but profound restorative yoga sessions twice daily, led by Ellen

* Gourmet home-cooked breakfast, lunch and dinner every day

* A safe and nurturing space to connect with yourself and a small group of like-minded souls

* Time to escape your busy life to enjoy nature, relax by the pool and nourish your mind and body

* Opportunities to explore breathtaking french markets, towns and countryside.

The one word that I use is ... Bliss ....

I really enjoy the sessions that I attend. 

I always feel refreshed, relaxed & ready to face the world.

The space is safe, the music calming & Ellen's words make me think !!!!! I was new to yoga but I'm hooked now. It's worth trying  the sessions too.

Bette Litttle

Our Beautiful Community


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