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Ellen Blackman Yoga

Restorative and Gentle Yoga

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Dec 11 - Dec 17















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With warmth and gratitude



I invite you to find the still point, move mindfully and reconnect with your spirit.
My gentle flow and restorative classes are influenced by a desire to help you connect to your subtle body through a focus on somatic and embodied movement that allows you to move into the calm side of your nervous system.


Having a practice that is slow and considered gives you the space you need to develop an internal awareness of what is happening in your body and to respond and move in a way that best serves you. 

My classes are themed around elements, the chakras or subtle body focal points such as the spine or the organs and they interweave elements of the Tantric philosophy of Kashmir Shaivism and poetry. 
Learn how to unlock the subtle energy flow of the body so that you come back to a sense of yourself as a whole, one of health and strength as well as a vehicle for love and awakening. 
My classes are suitable for all ages, all levels of fitness and flexibility and those who prefer moving slowly and with curiosity.
Try my classes in the videos below. Experience what a somatic practice feels like for yourself.
Gentle Yoga Ellen blackman yoga
Gentle Yoga Ellen blackman yoga
Burning Rose


Bette, L

The one word that I use is ... Bliss ....

I really enjoy the sessions that I attend. 

I always feel refreshed, relaxed & ready to face the world.

The space is safe, the music calming & Ellen's words make me think !!!!! I was new to yoga but I'm hooked now. It's worth trying  the sessions too.

Marion, G

Ellen's classes are a joy.

She guides you clearly and seamlessly through moments of gentle movement and deep relaxation, to leave you with an immense sense of well-being. Thoroughly recommended for everyone, whether you have years of experience of yoga or none at all!

Lena, M

After feeling blocked for so many years, I feel that like a chrysalis, through your classes I am emerging...first I found my voice, now I feel whole inside, alive and connected to me. 


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